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Software House & Turnkey Integrator of Government IT Solutions

NIP – at a glance

Amongst other related projects, NIP provides customized, full turnkey solutions for the analysis, planning, development, implementation and integration of the following:

  • National Population Registration – Digital, Biometric and Comprehensive Data Capture
  • Designated Centers and Mobile Registration Units
  • Civil Population Database – Establishment and Management of Secured National Online Registry
  • Production & Issuance of National ID Cards – Standard & e-ID (with advanced security features, including bio-data)
  • Birth and Death Registry
  • Marriage and Divorce Registry
  • Production & Issuance of Passports & Visas – Standard MRP & e-Passports
  • Border Control – Manned & Automated e-Gates
  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Licensing Solutions (e.g. Drivers’ Licenses, Vehicle Registration, etc.)
  • Civil & Criminal AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System)
  • Bio-Enrollment

Following successful implementation of its systems, NIP continues to provide the essential maintenance and support for the smooth operation of its projects. NIP’s expertise includes combining existing databases and/or creating new ones (including via technologically advanced civil registration solutions) in order to form an efficient online, centralized virtual civil database from which various governmental authorities can manage their different applications (i.e. national e-ID cards, e-passports, immigration, drivers’ licenses, social security, banking, education, etc).

NIP’s management and many of its key personnel are based in its corporate headquarters in Israel, which also houses NIP’s R&D department. NIP’s staff includes various and diverse software and IT development teams as well as professional leaders deployed throughout NIP’s different local branch offices for the proper administration of our projects.

NIP is currently actively involved in IT projects in various countries, comprising the wide range of applications for a comprehensive modular civil registry, including the AFIS system.

Our projects are generally implemented via direct agreements with the Ministries of Interior or Home Affairs of the countries in which we operate. As an added benefit for the governments NIP works for, we often participate in philanthropic projects to give back to the local people by bettering social communities in the countries where we operate, usually by partnering with educational groups in setting up community knowledge centers and similar educational ICT programs.


  • NIP has nearly two decades of proven experience in developing, integrating and implementing sophisticated civil management systems worldwide on a turnkey project basis
  • NIP is consistently chosen for strategic national projects due to its expertise, professionalism, reliability and flexibility in project development and implementation
  • One of the greatest benefits of working with NIP is the company’s deep understanding of the local culture and unique customer requirements, as well as our capabilities to adapt each project to specific individual customers’ unique requirements and needs
  • NIP’s work results in practical solutions which are especially built for upgrades, add-ons and technical advancements


NIP provides the following quality services & support in all projects:

  • Total and complete handling of the project, from analysis phase until completion, plus operation & maintenance
  • Implementation of best-of-breed products, consumables, equipment and tools in each project
  • Best custom solution resulting from analysis of unique customer requirements and expertise in global government sector environments to create tailor-made projects
  • Adjustable solutions for add-ons, future growth and upgrades
  • Protected, heavily secured products and systems, including data encryption in compliance with international standards and above
  • Courses and training of diverse levels of users to operate the systems and enable support, diagnostics and solutions of problems
  • Full transfer of know-how, documentation & information to clients in their languages to enable them to operate the system independently

NIP Global Offices

Head Office

8 Maskit Street
Herzliya 4614002, Israel
Email: contact@nip-global.com
Tel: +972-747176700
Fax: +972-99519377

Botswana Office

Postnet Kgale, PO Box AB 7, ABC, Phakalane
Gaborone, Botswana

Zimbabwe Office

13 Mount Road, Avondale
Harare, Zimbabwe

South Africa Office

West Tower, Maude Street Nelson Mandela, Square Santdon
Johansesburg, South Africa

Lesotho Office

Golf View Estate, Unit No. 1
Maseru, Lesotho

Madagascar Office

ARO Fefiloha I – TF No. 39 787A Apt. B404, Ampefiloha
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Cyprus Office

6 Afstralias Street
Limassol 3017, Cyprus
Tel: +357-25-030244

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates indicate that our company has successfully implemented the Quality Management and the Information Security Management Systems: