Advanced Databases

Our systems use an advanced Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) platform that supports Standard Query Language (SQL) query standards.

All data will be protected from unauthorized access via the highest security standards. All data in databases as well as in files will be protected against any loss and may be backed up by a Disaster Recovery Site Center.

The system will ensure that all captured data will be stored only once in the database and verified against existing files and biometric data. This will ensure accurate data, security of the system access and the integrity of information. The system will provide accessibility of specific records to certain authorized administrators, at different levels of access permissions and data release, which can be used to query the database, obtain the relevant information for each individual authorized user and develop reports for statistical analysis of contents or actions performed.

The system will enable an authorized administrator to view its authorized level of database contents and develop statistics or reports organized in any user-specified order.

The System will be designed in such a manner that a real-time back-up of the database and associated indexes is provided as part of regular operations and will provide an automated database backup capability to generate a complete or partial backup of any database in accordance with an established backup schedule. The database transaction data will be secured. Loss of communications will not result in the loss of any data. All transactions in system queues will be able to be restarted after power-up with no loss of data.

Physical and logical integrity of the data will be secured within the organization and across the governmental departments.
The system will keep track of all events concerning record creation, modification and deletion, including the user details, access levels and time of the event.