AFIS & Biometric Recognition

Bio-Enrollment – AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) is an essential instrument necessary for a nation’s police force to efficiently fight crimes, drug dealings, illegal immigration and terrorism.

AFIS is effectively a storage, search and retrieval system for fingerprint and palmprint electronic bio-images and demographic data.

AFIS comprises of an advanced image processing system that enables government inspectors to search and identify crime scene evidence against a comprehensive database of fingerprint records.

NIP’s solution provides immediate results and high-performance in the following areas:
Enables automated 1:N fingerprint identification services against comprehensive fingerprint records
Provides automated fingerprint identification which minimizes operator intervention and eliminates human error
Reduces technical risks with proven automated fingerprint matching technology

NIP provides a turnkey end-to-end implementation solution including: the hardware, AFIS software, fingerprint identification software, patrol road-block products and the data conversion process