NIP: Biometric Solutions Built to Evolve

NIP has developed and implemented a turnkey solution for integration of both forensic and civil Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) systems.

Our forensic solution is geared for law enforcement bodies, which use our advanced AFIS systems as an essential instrument to combat criminals and crimes, including drug dealings, illegal immigration, and terrorism, amongst many other uses which are essential to make law enforcement accurate, efficient, quick and safe.

Our civil AFIS solution is used by government identification, registration and immigration authorities to accurately and securely manage, track and operate the movements of citizens and foreigners into and out of the country’s borders, as well as to authenticate individualized document issuance, such as national ID cards, passports and driver’s licenses to eliminate error, prevent forgery, and ensure the highest standard of the One Person – One Identity rule.

An Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is effectively a storage, search and retrieval system for finger and palm print electronic images and demographic data. AFIS utilizes an advanced image processing system that allows latent fingerprint examiners to quickly and accurately search and identify mass numbers of individuals’ bio-data against databases of fingerprint and palmprint records, for both criminal and civil uses.

NIP’s solution provides immediate results in the following area:

Enables automated 1:N fingerprint identification services against entire criminal and civil fingerprint records
Provides high reliability, defined as matching accuracy and selectivity to maximize true identification and eliminate false ones.
Provides automated fingerprint identification which minimizes operator intervention and eliminates human error
Reduces technical risks with proven automated fingerprint matching technology demonstrated in many small-to-large scale AFIS systems
NIP provides a turnkey implementation solution including: the hardware, forensic and civil AFIS software, third party software, patrol road-bock products and the data conversion process.

NIP always uses the latest, most advanced hi-tech technology available and therefore selects the most suited solutions to answer customers’ needs, which NIP custom builds to order as per each customer’s unique requirements.

NIP’s solution has the ability to perform a conversion process of the existing tenprints , palm prints and latent cards. The card conversion solution includes
fingerprint matching capability for duplicate checking of tenprint cards, palm prints and for unsolved latent print and registration to their databases accordingly. The converted databases will serve as the initial criminal or civil AFIS databases for daily operational matching purposes.

The conversion process is as follows;
Stage one: All tenprint, palm and latent cards are scanned and generating ANSI/NIST compatible files that will include the demographic data of the applicant.

Stage two: An AFIS system is implemented into the solution system. The ANSI/NIST files are inserted to the AFIS system to build the AFIS database. First the
tenprint and the palm files are inserted and afterwards the latent file. During the insertion of the files a matching process is performed. If a match is found between one or more sources for a specific applicant, this will be reflected in the demographic data. If a duplicate is found, it will be temporarily stored for later investigation and resolution. At the end of the process three clean forensic or civil AFIS sub databases will be created for tenprint, palm and latent files. The AFIS database can be linked to the population register database to enhance the identification process work and other additional requirements.

NIP provides full training of the law enforcement or registration staff on the supplied hardware, forensic and civil AFIS software, third party software and the data conversion process. For these purposes a training venue will be established at the customer’s premises for all the customer staff levels. In addition, a complete set of application user manuals will be provided in both hard and soft copies. The powerful AFIS technology combined with NIP’s experience and capabilities in implementing large complex projects and the long-term customer support that NIP provides to its customers, includes all the required elements for a successful implementation of either a forensic or civil Automated Fingerprint Identification System to each customer.