Birth & Death Registration MODULE

The Foundations of a Civil Registration System

The Birth & Death Registration System provides the complete solution for registration of births and deaths, issuance of secured and accurate birth and death certificates, handling of birth and death registers management and generation of statistical reports, all updated in real time.

The Birth and Death Registration data may be accessed and used by authorized governmental ministries and departments for statistical purposes, management purposes and other uses.

The Birth Registration Module performs 5 main tasks:

  • Registration of birth data for a newborn
  • Generation of an ID number when registering a newborn
  • Registration of family relationships and creation of a family tree
  • Printing of accurate, secured birth certificates
  • Providing statistical information

The Death Registration module performs 3 main tasks:

  • Registration of death data for a deceased person
  • Printing of accurate, secured death certificates
  • Changing the active status on personal records to “Deceased”

The registration of a death also affects other related systems and ensures they are updated properly, accurately and securely, such as:

  • Prevention of issuing passports or ID cards for the deceased
  • Prevention of duplicate tax returns and other filings for the deceased
  • Enabling reliable demographic statistics
  • Supplying information about the deceased to other government offices on a need-to-know basis