Election Management MODULE

NIP Secures and Effectively Ensures: One Citizen, One Vote

NIP’s Election Management System effectively handles and manages a country’s voter registration and election process. In addition to the system itself, NIP is capable of providing the necessary tools and appropriate voters’ cards and additional equipment for undertaking a successful election process. If no voter’s database is available, NIP can establish data capturing centers to create a reliable and accurate database. NIP provides the required equipment, consumable and of course our source code for the software and system, which may be operated by local personnel specially trained by NIP.

The Election System includes the following modules:

  • Voter Registration.
  • Provinces and Ward Demarcation
  • Creation and Printing of Voters Roll by Polling Stations.
  • Generation of Supplementary Voters Roll after Update of Inspection Data.
  • Issuance of Voters’ Cards
  • Nominations.
  • Election Results.
  • Election Central Information Center.
  • Handling the various types of elections: Presidential, Parliamentary, Local Government (Mayoral).

The Voter Rolls generated by the system are reliable and accurate thanks to a powerful verification process run by the system. Based on the Election System design, registration to one of the election types will lead to an automatic registration to all other election types. To facilitate registration of individuals in remote areas, NIP can establish mobile voters’ registration stations to cover the entire country.

The advanced Election System designed and implemented by NIP assures the principles of good governance, namely “One Citizen, One Vote”.