Population Registration MODULE

Effectively Manage Your Nation’s Development

One of NIP’s significant leading systems is the sophisticated Online Population Registration System.

NIP is developing and implementing civil registration systems for over 20 years. The central registration database is considered as a critical national resource of information for the government and population, such as education, health, social benefits, infrastructure, housing, land, transportation, statistical purposes and others.

NIP invests much effort in studying and understanding government needs, and provides solutions customized according to the unique needs of each country’s population registration systems and its derivative applications. The advantages of NIP’s population registration systems, combined with the experience and professional skills of NIP’s staff in this area enable NIP to successful implement Population Registry Systems for governments around the world.

The Population Registry Application System can be designed as a centralized or decentralized systems or combination of the two. The system is capable of providing online registration and governmental document, card and passport issuance services to citizens in central and remote locations. The stations are connected via telecommunication network to a data center, where powerful servers manage, process, store and protect the data as well as ensure 24-hour live system updates.

The heart of the Population Registration System is the population database. NIP develops its own proprietary software which is the driving engine of the system. Using such software, NIP’s systems are capable of performing registration of all citizens and can serve as the source for all government civil registry applications. The governments various applications are all connected to the central population database, sharing with it relevant data and retrieving information from the database for queries and management reports.